Phew.. 1/1/2 weeks into the business –

Phew.. 1/1/2 weeks into the business

Posted on 19 November 2013

Hello luvlies
Cannot believe we have only been opened for a week and a half. So overwhelmed with the luv from our customers and friends...
We've been (to our surprise) busily fulfilling our orders with care & placing our trust in the good old Australia Post to deliver them to their new owners in Australia, USA & Canada (yes we do overseas shipping).
For those who know me well, I'm not usually the most public person on Social Media so I'm hoping the FB/Instagram updates and Pinterest (does anyone use it in Australia?) posts r interesting enough to distract you from work.
We've also locked in our next photoshoot with our 2nd face of Rizzkid & can't wait to show u who she is.. a gorgeous girl with killer hair skills.
Btw how hot is Kate our 1st face of Rizzkid!! Such a pro with killer legs.. we'll be uploading a quick profile on her shortly & seeing her v soon.
Anywho it's 11pm & I'm rambling so I will end this post with a pic of how I'm feeling
R xx
PS - Drop us a message through FB/email to let us know what you would like to see more of… we've already had some great suggestions and r looking into them. Always happy to hear from you.




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