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Our story

Hello there...

I'm R, the creative nut behind Rizzkid.com

I started this online boutique as a way of cultivating my creative side through the only outlet I knew best... shopping.

In my corporate life, I found I didn't get a chance to be overly imaginative.

Also, as a regular shopper, I found Australian boutiques had amazing items however usually came with the not-so-amazing price tag. Then the more affordable labels were always catered for a very young crowd. The choices were quite limited in between.

Challenge accepted!


Our online boutique houses fun, inspiring, on-trend pieces for the Australian woman who wants to mix beach casual with city sophistication, and without having to break the bank.  

My hubby is the other (& much more tech savvy) side of this business. Without him, this online boutique would not be possible as he does everything I get bored of. That's what hubby's are for =)

So this is the start of our journey & welcome to our online boutique...

We hope you love it as much as we do